Tips For Effective Web Design

Don’t Clutter it up

How a website is designed can affect the functionality and popularity of the website. While you have some highly skilled people browsing the internet these days, the majority of the visitors to your website are not likely to be quite as qualified or even comfortable with the higher end technology. So if you have a website that has too much happening in it, it may actually prove intimidating to the visitor. And if the visitor is uncomfortable, he will click away from the site that you want him to stay on. This means that you would have actually driven away someone who might have bought from your site just because you were trying to offer too many things all at once.

Make Navigation as Simple as Possible

Let’s consider an example of a travel information site. Say you want to get information on anything to do with Michigan. Affordable web site design can make it possible for you to have an easy to navigate website that the visitor can use with ease. If he’s looking for information on hotels there is a different tab, a separate one for popular restaurants and eateries, there is another tab for where to go shopping in Michigan. Web design can make the visitor find it easy to hunt for what he wants. Have a search box handy on each page of the website. That way if your visitor is looking for specific information he can just punch it into the search box and get relevant information.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Let us go back to the example of the site on travel information on Michigan. Web designers will advise you to have a lot of pictures describing the place. This does make sense because a picture is far more descriptive than words in many cases. At the same time you need to be careful not to overdo the pictures. The bandwidth needed to load a large picture file can slow down the loading of your website in the browsers. This means that the visitor to your site is waiting for a much longer time for his information. An impatient person may even click away from the site if the pictures are taking way too long to load.

Words Need to be Read

There is a tendency to get carried away with wanting the words on the website to look pretty. All kinds of fancy fonts can be used on a website, but do they really help the site? In most cases we want the words to be easy to read and understand. This may not happen if you are using a fancy and curved font which is difficult for the eye to catch. The strain of reading such a font in a small size may actually drive the person away from the website. So stick to some of the regular fonts which are easy on the eye. Remember what is important is that the information is read, and not that it looks fancy.